Why Marketstar


Our firm was formed from the foundations of an advisory business to provide the discretionary investment services to our retail clients.

Most of our clients have more modest sums to invest than those traditionally placed with a DFM so we created our services around their needs. Our clients told us that they needed active professional management of their money at a reasonable cost and this is what we have given them.

Our Aim

The primary concern for most of our clients is to preserve and grow their capital but only at a risk level which they are comfortable with in return for steady growth over the long term with no nasty shocks – to make the "ride" as smooth as economic conditions will allow. Achieving this goal is the focus of every member of our firm.

Partnership Approach

We work in partnership with your financial adviser to deliver complete service which is based around the individual needs of you and your family. Your adviser will agree with you a realistic and comprehensive financial plan and we engage with them to deliver the investment management components of your plan. In this way we deliver a completely personal service, tailored to your needs in a friendly and flexible environment.

Portfolio Performance

Our focus on capital preservation and managing risk within strict limits has delivered steady returns since the launch of our seven model portfolios in 2008. In all cases we have achieved risk-progressive returns which have met or exceeded their benchmarks at volatility levels well within their control limits.
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